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14 March 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Bomb in a birdcage-A Fine Frenzy  
Going to get more wooden pegs.

Had my advanced birthday celebration yesterday. It was more like a gathering of sorts.Hahaha.
The highlight was probably the Car-park catching.I can feel the adrenaline rush while running around the place freely in my fastest speed ever.(Okay,obviously I was the first for being caught.)
The fun ended when the police drove in.
I would like to thank everyone who came(and those who wanted to but couldn't make it that day :D)
Thanks a tonne!
Of course,not forgetting my mum who did most of the preparation and my aunt who cooked the amazing curry!.
This was the only picture I can bear posting it up because the rest all too candid for anyone to even witness it.Hahahahaha! Seriously,I was laughing hysterically while going through the pictures. Thank me for having the decency not to post it up!:P