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31 January 2010 @ 09:18 pm
we’re frozen with fear of what those words might do.  
I am me, that’s all I can be. No more, no less, don’t second guess. I laugh, I love, I live, I cry and sometimes I wish that I would die. Somedays I’m funny, others I’m not. Sometimes I’m in overdrive and I can’t stop. You may not like me, thats okay. Because this is me and how I’ll stay .


Too caught up with school work now so I''ll update the pictures some other day.

Had an AMAZING day yesterday and it isn't an understatement.
It was so much fun!
Subconsciously,I'm always looking forward to meeting them.
Thanks for the laughter,because that's exactly what I needed.
I don't have to tell them how miserable I am and they'll just provide me the remedy.
This is getting cliché but ahaha you get the point.

Find friends that last and stick with them.Discard those who disregards you because that makes life so much happier
Sad to say,this has become reality.